Marmor, Sežana d.d. is not specialized only for the excavation and processing of architectural stone but also for all types of quarrying and stone carving works in building construction and civil engineering structures.

The company employs specialized trained manpower for the paving of all types of interior and outdoor spaces (stone flooring), the installation of solid stone elements into buildings (stone window frames and door frames, stone portals, stone brackets, stone cornices, window sills, solid stone staircases), stone lining and stone façades, outdoor arrangements of public spaces, squares and parks, and the manufacturing of monuments, features and urban installations.

Another segment of the production represents the manufacturing of traditional stone products, such as stone vases, handmade stone bowls, classic and modern wash basins and the stone line for the garden.

We ensure high-quality implementation of all works and offer appropriate quality guarantee.

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Sežana, d.d.
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