Lipica I Quarry

Quarry details

The beginnings of natural stone extraction in the area of the Lipica I Quarry are unknown. Natural stone is believed to have already been extracted by the Romans as some unconfirmed sources mention a Roman quarry operating more than 2,000 years ago. However, there is no doubt that stonecutting was a well-established activity in the wider area already a few centuries ago. This is proven by many typical stone products such as wells, portals, corbels, baptismal fonts and different shrines in the Karst villages.

According to the elderly Karst stonecutters, the organised extraction of natural stone in the Lipica I Quarry started in 1933, originally named the Lokev Quarry. Under different company names, the Marmor, Sežana d.d. company has been extracting natural stone in this quarry since 1947. The extraction of the natural stone Lipica Unito and Lipica Fiorito is carried out using open-cut and underground methods. In terms of size, the Lipica I Quarry ranks among the biggest natural stone quarries in Slovenia.


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