About us

The company Marmor, Sežana d.d. in addition to the ownership of all its quarries also has the exclusive right to sell materials Lipica Unito, Lipica Fiorito, Repen and Kopriva.

In the Karst, stone is everywhere. When man became aware of the practical use of stone, he started thinking of the easiest way to extract it.

Over the past centuries, the local people have learnt how to properly select stone, extract it from nature and process it. And the development continues today. The Karst locals have carved many tools and other items from stone and used them in their everyday life. Such items have become an important element of the natural and cultural heritage. Particularly abundant in stone products are the houses where stonecutters once lived, featuring many details made of elaborately shaped stone.

The public limited company MARMOR SEŽANA was established in 1947.

It operates its own quarries. In our Lipica I and Lipica II quarries we extract natural stone named Lipica Unito and Lipica Fiorito, in the Doline Quarry the natural stone Repen and in the Kopriva Quarry the natural stone Kopriva is extracted. The production takes place at two locations, Sežana and Lipica.

The stone from our quarries can suit a wide variety of applications as shown in the fact that our products are highly appreciated at home and abroad. Our stone decorates the façades of houses, the streets and squares in the Karst region, in other parts of Slovenia, in Istria, in the neighbouring Italy, Austria and Hungary as well as in many European towns. In recent times, we have opened up new markets in the Middle and Far East, the Arabian Peninsula and the USA.

Its refined colour and texture, along with its shaping characteristics, make it a perfect stone to blend into any given setting and perfectly complement any types of natural stone and granite, glass, wood, iron… It is widely appreciated by stone sculptors for its unique character.


podjetje za pridobivanje in obdelavo naravnega kamna
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